In order to provide convenience across cities, professional individual ABRSM theory online lessons are provided now.

Here are the detail introductions:
The first lesson will be a trial period for both parties in order to ensure a good “fit”. This will also provide baseline information to help me create targets for future appointments. (Please check your local ABRSM representative about the exam schedule)
We will communicate about your future study plan according to your current situation after the first lesson.

  • 1 You with regrets if you are not satisfied.
  • 2 Continue the courses. (I reserve the right to discontinue lessons after the trial period if your basis is not good enough to support you to achieve your short-term target.)

    The Fees for Theory lessons:
    Grade 1-3  First trial lesson  250RMB / 50mins
    After    300RMB / 50mins  (usually 10-15 lessons)
    Grade 4-5  First trial lesson  350RMB / 1hour
    After    400RMB / 1hour  (usually 10-15 lessons)
    (number of lessons can vary)
    To assure teaching quality, Grade 6-8 online lessons are not provided currently. These levels involves many open questions, and all the answers will not be standard. Examples of this include, harmonic progression, composing, extract analyzing. All of these requite a better development of musical awareness and aural understanding. In-person lessons with a keyboard are necessary.

    If you intend to book a lesson, please check the following requirements before you contact me:

  • 1 Your hardware can meet the requirements of the online HD webcam.
  •    Over 30M internet speed and a display device other than a mobile phone are strongly


       Popular webcam software: Skype…

  • 2 Available lesson times to negotiate with each other.
  • 3 Mentioned material books need to be bought.
  • 4 Payment Policy: All fees must be paid at time of booking after the introductory lesson.
  • 5 Cancellation and rescheduling policy: It is imperative that all of my students understand the following requirements as this is critical to ensuring my students receive the highest, most consistent standard of teaching along with receiving accurate and reliable timetables.
  •   A, Cancellation of lessons must be made more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lessons otherwise the lesson will be charged and no make up lesson will be booked.
      B, Missed lessons with no notification will be charged and the student will not be entitled to make up that lesson.
      C, In cases of sickness, a make up lesson will be arranged.

    Last: The lesson videos can be recorded but for personal use only.
    ▲Any use other than personal will be investigated ! ▲